I am so confused about what I should eat!  I wish I could cook. I feel bloated and heavy after eating.  I need more energy.  I crash in the afternoons.  I have some… um… digestive issues.  My relationship with sugar is NOT healthy!  Why can't I stick to a diet?  Should I drink noni juice?  I’m a junk-food vegetarian. I get terrible PMS. I know I could save money if I bought groceries.  I catch every cold that comes through town. What am I supposed to eat? I am stressed out!  I eat like crap. I can’t even go outside in the springtime because of my allergies. I can’t even boil water. I’m always tired.  I'm always hungry. Food doesn't sit well with me.

I think I have a food allergy. I feel toxic.

What should I eat??? 


Are you confused about food and your health?  Tempted by but wary of the latest “fad” herb or diet?  Frustrated by the many conflicting theories and options?  Wondering how to find the path to vibrant health that is right for you?  Do you want to improve your digestion, increase your energy, get rid of the afternoon slump, slow down the aging process, and grocery shop with confidence?  

Or maybe you know what you "should" do ... but you don't do it.  

OR, maybe you thought you knew what you "should" do, but now there's a new study saying that's the wrong thing to do.

Why is it so difficult?

You are smart.  You are doing your best, but still you feel at war with your body and confused by what you read.


Because you are unique.  Your ancestry, your gender, your age, your exercise and stress levels, and even the place you live and the current season affect your body’s needs.  That’s why there’s no one perfect diet for everyone. 

It takes detective work to sort out which foods and lifestyle choices work for you.  As a holistic practitioner, I look at the whole person, and I know that your body is smart.  It is working tirelessly to support you, and even small shifts will make a difference in your health and vitality.

I know the body’s power to heal through personal experience.  Through dietary shifts, herbs, exercise, and stress management, I healed my debilitating food sensitivities.  Along the way, I learned to cook with real foods, lost weight, got into great shape, and feel younger and more vibrant than I did 15 years ago. 


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Wishing you health and joy, 


Tricia McCauley, MS, CNS, LDN, RYT

Herbalist, Nutritionist, Wellness Educator


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