Tricia McCauley

Tricia’s light touched so many lives, in so many different ways — through yoga and theater, farming and counseling, love and laughter, family and friendship. Her death is a heartbreaking loss for our community. You can find some of her thoughts on health, nutrition, and joyful living at her blog.

Workplace Wellness

Does your office have high rates of turn-over or missed work days due to illness or apathy? Research shows that small investments in the health and wellness of your staff yield huge results in:

  • attendance
  • retention
  • morale
  • potentially even reduced insurance costs.

Work with an experienced professional – licensed nutritionist, certified health coach, and registered yoga teacher – to create an environment where employees thrive and feel valued.

Individual Wellness

Are you confused about food and your health?
Tempted by, but wary of, the latest fad diet or supplement?  Frustrated by the many conflicting theories and options?  Work with a licensed nutritionist, certified health coach, and herbalist to:


  • improve your digestion
  • increase your energy
  • discover the foods that really feed you
  • identify tools that support your vibrant health for the rest of your life.

Due to Tricia’s insight on better snacking habits, I have noticed a healthier work environment at my office… concentration levels are higher and … anxiety levels are lower.

Nicole Anderson

Chadbourne & Parke LLP, clients since 2006

One year later, the information that Tricia shared is still very much in my mind and on my plate. Tricia’s program has had a more lasting impact than any other workshop, seminar or event I’ve attended: I consider her guidance with literally every meal. No other workshop has so affected my daily life, three and four times a day.

Eileen Daly