Sep 23, 2011

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons\Nevit Dilmen

Happy Fall Equinox!  Today the day and night are equal in length: tomorrow the night is officially longer than the daylight hours, and we’re coasting on toward the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice (December 21).

Today, day and night are balanced – motivating me to ponder ways to bring balance into my life.  This is an ongoing journey, as I suppose it should be.  If we weren’t constantly renegotiating our position, we’d be static, stagnant, dead.

I’m undertaking a gentle autumn detox to bring some balance to my internal organs (liver, gut, circulation), and hopefully to increase the equilibrium between my external/ social activity and my internal/ contemplative energies.  This summer was incredibly active – and wonderful! – and now it’s time to increase the stillness, as indicated by the ramping-down of the growing season and the increasing darkness.

In acroyoga class last week (acroyoga = all about balance!!), our teacher asked which aspect of yoga we most resonated with – the active or the devotional.  (I can’t remember the Sanskrit names for these aspects.)  I answered that, since I tend to hurl myself into everything full-force, I am drawn immediately to the active; but my journey is to balance it with the devotional before I burn myself out and hit a metaphorical wall.

In the Ayurvedic philosophy, this is what it means to be a Vata, the Dosha that resonates with Winter.  Vatas like to spend energy (and money).  I’ve got some Pitta (Summer) in me as well, but energetically, my life has been a cycle of spend-and-burn-out.

This morning, after a very busy week, I wanted to get up early and do! do! do!  but instead my body is moving at a snail’s pace.  I cannot maintain the linear energy cycle that we consider normal in this society.  I am cyclical (as are we all), and my body and mind need down time, whether I like it or not.

This morning’s lethargy led me to a new way of seeing: doing versus receiving.  Output versus input.  Looking at my to-do list, i could NOT muster the focus to write or formulate herbs; instead, however, I was in a very good state to listen to a business-building audio seminar.  A receptive activity that is equally valuable to my world.  Receiving information, rather than active, creative output.  A balance of energies that was missing from the rest of my week.

Activity versus Rest.  Work versus Play.  Social versus Contemplative.  Output versus Intake.  Giving versus Receiving.

Where do you crave more balance in your life?