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What is a Cleanse?

I like to think of a cleanse as giving your body a spa retreat, inside and out. A cleanse involves identifying and removing toxins from your body. We'll focus mostly on dietary cleansing -- I bet you already know some foods that don't contribute to your well-being! Spending a few days or a week removing the toxins from your body and treating yourself kindly can greatly boost your health, improve your immune system, give you more energy and focus, and help you find hidden food allergies.  After my first cleanse, I was able to stop taking my allergy medication!


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What is the Nutricia Consulting Spring Cleansing?

The Nutricia Consulting Spring Cleansing is a series of teleclasses plus a Facebook group to support you as you design and implement your own gentle cleanse.

You’ll learn the benefits of cleansing, and how to design your own gentle cleanse, including what foods to remove, what foods to add in, and how to plan out a schedule that works for you.

Then, as a group, we'll embark on our respective cleansing plans! The final 3 calls will be interactive -- check in, ask questions, and share your challenges and triumphs with this supportive community.  We'll discuss shopping and cooking, tweak the scheduling of our cleanses, and share nurturing practices to make cleansing a joyful, healthy experience.

You can listen live, or download the call recordings to listen at your convenience.



Registration has CLOSED for the 4th Annual Spring Cleansing!

Coming soon: Cleansing & Detox 101 E-book and Audio-book.


Feedback from previous Spring Cleansers

"I wanted to have this MAJOR cleanse experience -- lose weight (a lot!), have my skin become clear/flawless, my colon completely cleaned out, maybe even have my gray hair return to brunette. But when it came down to it, I feared getting really sick.  Though I started thinking I'd do [a] 28 day cleanse, I switched to 2 days eating only green food; it seemed more do-able… and I did it!  I am thinking differently about my relationship to food, exploring my history with food, and am making much healthier choices everyday. Some of the smallest, simplest suggestions or thoughts have made the greatest impact.   I loved the community of this, not being alone. I took great suggestions from others and used myself; some fears/questions were alleviated from hearing about others’ experiences.  -- K.E.T.


"The tea I was drinking had caffeine and I had become addicted without knowing.  I no longer need sweets or caffeine, and plan to keep it that way.  I also am reading labels with a vengeance!  I enjoyed hearing what the others were doing, and what they found useful or difficult.  I thought you did a fantastic job, were very positive, and had lots of information for everyone.  I enjoyed it!"  --  Sue M.


"You did a wonderful job facilitating a friendly, non-judgmental discussion.  You clearly have enough expertise to charge money for the benefit of your knowledge, and yet you never ever ever "talk down" to anyone, which is not always the case among nutrition/health/exercise folks, in my experience ... On one of the calls I attended, there was very little information forthcoming from the participants, and you asked wonderful, insightful questions to gently prod the group in the direction of free-flowing conversation and we eventually got there." -- Eric


"I know that cooking in my kitchen will help reduce my stress.   It was GREAT having NO menstrual cramps. ... Since starting this I have NOT stopped at one fast food restaurant. .  This helps me financially too, as my restaurant addiction is expensive and unhealthy. Also, I continue to drink decaf and am not drawn to sodas at all.  I actually get thirsty for WATER now.

"Your honesty, patience, and friendship has healed and altered me in really great ways.  Which is the thing I love most about you and about this experience, because now it's multiplied by the people who have participated.  That we were all able to share some truths without shame and that we were all brave enough to try something else in the way of self-love and care is a beautiful and powerful life-altering thing.  Wishing everyone health and joy until the next cleansing...when we meet again..."  -- Deb



What’s a teleclass?
A teleclass is like a conference call:  participants call in to a phone number from anywhere in the world. Once you've joined the call, we can all hear each other. You can join the discussion, or mute your phone and just listen.

Are there extra charges?
Normal long-distance charges will apply to the teleclass call. For example, if you call in from a cell phone with free long distance, there won't be any charges (though you will use up cell phone minutes). If you call from a land line, you'll be charged whatever you would usually be charged for a long-distance call, if you're calling outside your home area code.

How do I call in?
When you register for the Spring Cleansing, you'll receive the number to call and a PIN.  Simply call that number a few minutes before the teleclass is scheduled to begin.  You’ll be prompted to enter your PIN; do so, and you’ll be connected to the call.

What if I'm not available at the time of the calls?
You can still participate! Call recordings will be posted the following day, and you can download them and listen at your leisure. If you know you're going to miss a call, you can email your questions to me, and I will do my best to address them during the call. You can also fully participate in the Facebook group, asking questions and sharing experiences with your fellow cleansers.

What’s a Facebook Group?
A Facebook group allows all members of the group to post and comment amongst themselves. If you don't have a Facebook account, no worries - you can email your questions or comments before each call and I'll do my best to answer them. 

Do I have to start cleansing during the series?
No!  Your cleansing schedule is entirely up to you. 

How do I decide what sort of cleanse to do?
We’ll discuss the different types of cleanses available during the informational teleclasses.  You can ask for feedback about ways to taylor your cleanse to your personal needs during the interactive teleclasses, and through the Facebook group.

Will Tricia tell me what to eat?
No!  I will guide you to create a gentle cleanse that’s right for you. 


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