Individual Consults: A Story

Mar 15, 2015

photo credit: Tricia McCauley

Recently, I met with a client with multiple, complex health issues, including recurring colds and flus, big challenges eating nearly anything, and exhaustion that looked a lot like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

We had our first session and I asked to meet again in 3 weeks. She said, “Do you think I will see any changes by then?” I crossed my fingers and said yes. I did more research. I planned out next strategy steps. I hoped and prayed that she WOULD see some shifts.

The time came for our followup visit. I was hopeful but nervous.

She Skyped me and immediately apologized; she had double-booked herself and only had a few minutes to talk.

And then she said, “I followed your recommendations and all my symptoms have gone away.”


Let’s be clear: I did not offer her any magic pills. She did the work, shifted her diet and her sleep routine and put in a lot of effort observing her body and its reactions.

And in three weeks, her brain fog evaporated: she could concentrate at work again, she hadn’t caught another cold or flu, the curious temperature fluctuations in her body had normalized, and her digestion had improved.

And there is still work to be done, to heal up her gut and boost her immune system. But she really did resolve the major issues that were overwhelming her.

The body is truly amazing, and when you give it the resources it needs to heal, it will shift dramatically.

Would you like to talk about your diet, supplements, lifestyle, or health challenges? The bulk of my experience is with digestive issues — especially food sensitivities — and stress management, and I connect really well with urban creative types … the ones who are really sensitive and way to hard on themselves. Go figure. Let’s practice being kind to ourselves, hmm?