Is it Time?
Time to make some shifts, try new things, forge new habits, and re-wire your relationship with your body, with your health, and with your life?
Gain Tools for a Lifetime of Balance
I’m not a doctor and, alas, I have no magic pills.  You get out of your program what you put in. What I do is guide you on a journey to improve your relationship with food and health. You become a detective, able to read the clues that your body is giving you about what it needs.
What I Can Do For You
  • Listen, deeply, to the story of your journey.
  • Provide an outside perspective and a context to your history, your diet, and your lifestyle habits.
  • Analyze your laboratory test results, if applicable, from a functional medicine perspective.
  • Formulate a personalized herbal tea, tincure, or powder, if applicable.
  • Recommend quality supplements, if applicable.
  • Offer recipes, handouts, self-care tools, and other resources.
  • Draw from traditional symbolic and energetic systems such as Ayurveda, 5-elements Chinese medicine, and astrology.
  • Partner with you to create achievable, powerful steps toward your health goals.
  • Support you between sessions as necessary.

What I Don’t Do

  • Diagnose disease.
  • Count calories (you are free to count whatever you like!).
  • Deliver a generic meal plan (you will get LOTS of recipes, brainstorming, and in-person strategizing).
  • Cook for you.
  • Practice conventional sports nutrition, homeopathy, reiki, or massage.
  • Treat eating disorders.  (Referrals to qualified professionals are available.)

Consultation Options

Initial Consulation. 1.5-2 hours, $175

Followup Consultation. 45-60 minutes each, $85

The Transformation Package. A comprehensive education in holistic nutrition, tailored to your needs. You will learn the tools to create a lifetime of balance.  Carbs, fats, proteins, vegetables, sleep, stress, self-nurture, exercise, staying healthy on-the-go, snacking, shopping, and much more: you choose the areas that interest you, and we will create clear, achievable action steps to overhaul what needs overhauling, and design a plan to create the health and the life of your dreams.  Handouts, recipes, and email support are included. I believe passionately that this work is most effective when you commit to the process, so the Transformation Package is significantly less expensive per hour than other options.  Payment plans are available.  6 sessions/ 7 hours, $510

Transformation Package Extension. Add on four more sessions to continue your work or explore “advanced” topics like sea vegetables, herbal remedies, yoga, cleansing & detox, or any areas of food and live that still need to be addressed. 4 sessions/ 4 hours, $270

Graduate Annual Tune-up. Once you’ve graduated from 8 or more sessions, come back for a yearly tune-up!  Check in, review your goals, share your progress, and set your sights on your next success. 45 minutes, $25

Sliding scale is available, please ask for more details when booking your first appointment.

Payment Policy

  • Payment is requested at the time of the appointment and can be made with cash, money order, or personal check made payable to Nutricia Consulting. Credit cards are accepted in person (via Square). Payments via Paypal are accepted in advance of first visit or for established clients. A $30 fee will be assessed for returned checks.
  • Nutricia Consulting is not in-network with any health insurance providers.  However, you will be provided with an invoice that you can use to submit an out-of-network claim yourself.  Please contact your health insurance provider to determine what services are covered.
  • Sessions expire one year from date of purchase.  No refunds will be given.
  • Phone consultations lasting over 15 minutes and email inquiries requiring over 15 minutes of research or discussion will be charged at 15- minute increments at the office rate.
  • Sliding scale rates are available upon request.
  • Please provide 24-hours notice when canceling appointments. Appointments canceled with less than 24-hours notice may be subject to a 50% charge.