More on Writing

Sep 20, 2011

By gnuckx [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

I read an online article about writer’s block – not that I think my challenge is writer’s block, I think my challenge is more about procrastination, as previously noted.  But i figured it might help.

And it did – ha.  One of the suggestions was (I paraphrase), “Accept that you have to write this.”

Aha.  Writing: 1, Tricia, zero.

In a good way.  Because, for someone who claims to hate writing, I sure have manifested a LOT of writing projects.  Is this a misfired Law of Attraction?  “What you resist, persists.”

So, my new mission: to accept that I am a writer.  That a fair amount of people enjoy and appreciate my writing.  That writing is a way to communicate with the world, to share my knowledge, to help more people care for themselves more mindfully, with food and herbs and self-nurture.

Acceptance of what IS.  Blog, newsletter, magazine articles, books.  Back to the grindstone… in a more grounded, less torturous way.