Nutrition School

Nov 7, 2013

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons\Nevit Dilmen

I get many many MANY inquiries about my education in holistic health and herbs.  Maybe some of those questions came from you?  Some day I’m going to write up a proper essay about my experiences and opinions, but for now here’s what I have for you:

I got my certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Way back then (2005-2006) it was an in-person program; now it’s all online.

It was a great education in the basics of eating, feeding ourselves, coaching others to feed and nurture themselves, and looking at food from a broad, historical perspective.  It served me really well as an “undergrad” program before I got my MS in herbal medicine.

Why am I telling you all this now?  Because IIN is raising tuition, but if you enroll by Monday November 11, you can save $1000 AND (not kidding) get an iPad.  Because IIN is seriously magnificent with the giveaways.

And if you use my link to register, I get a kickback too.  Which is not a bad deal, and could help to fund 7 more years of free newsletters, hmm?  🙂

If studying at IIN intrigues you, please check it out through this link.

Sending you autumnal love!