A Yoga Student

Hi Tricia!  It's your yoga student A____. I recently moved away from DC, and I wanted to take a minute to thank you. I have been coming to your yoga classes for the past year, and you have been so inspirational for me! Your warmth, kindness, and genuine joy are infectious, and kept me coming back over and over again. My practice deepened significantly while I was in DC, and your classes were an important part of that. Thank you for consistent, challenging, and super fun classes where I felt so accepted. Those words you speak at the beginning of savasana about being perfect right now ring in my ears, and I often come back to them in moments of doubt. You are a phenomenal teacher and I will be forever grateful for my time as your student. 

Much love and namaste.

Laura Baehre Westman, Personal and Professional Coach

I always have a thoroughly wonderful experience of Tricia.  She created a beautiful practice and meditation for a retreat I hosted, mindful and caring of the whole experience for us, body and soul.  She set us up perfectly for an inspirational, spiritual and collaborative day together.  I want to hire her to begin every one of my days!

Irene C., workshop participant

Dear Tricia, thank you so much for such a delicious time you gave us last Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am delighted to have met a person with such an amazing energy like yours.

Larry Redmond, Coordinator, The Actors Arena

Your logic, passion, focus, and beneficence is breathtaking.   It's humbling to be next to such an accomplished and confident soul!   And while yes, we had a diminutive crowd, they got a wealth of knowledge shared.  Anthony, our Arena liaison, was particularly impressed at the depth and breadth of the day.   He said to me "we are going to get this right so we can help more artists."  Again let me thank you for your time, and attention, and grace, and good humor. I hope we can try this again in the next season with a bit more attendance.  You were superb!   And inspiring!  As always.


A yoga workshop participant

The intro class last Sunday night at DuPont was fantastic. Tricia was easy to follow and really made this first timer very comfortable in the studio.

I definitely will recommend her and Yoga District to friends.


Ally, workshop participant

Thanks so much for teaching us how to make our own products yesterday...they are soo amazing!!  I used my cream this morning and last night....my face is so soft.  I can't believe how long the lip balm stays on as well.  woot! woot!


Jennifer A., workshop participant

Thank you! It was informative and fun! And the time flew by.

Daniela Oliveira, age 30

I learned a statement that changed my life: Be Kind to Yourself. The first time she said that to me, something swift happened in my mind and in my soul. This statement changed my life. Especially, my relationship with food. My goal was just to learn to understand food and to lose 5 pounds. I learned much more and lost 20 pounds. It was not miracle: first of all, I was ready to change; second, she showed me the tools to change; and the third and most important, she taught me how to be kind to myself. Without guilt and with a positive attitude, I was able to eat healthy and wisely. Today I am not scared to cook, to be creative with food, or to try different spices. The only thing I have to say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Eileen Daly

I am a graduate of the 6-month program, and one year later, the information that Tricia shared is still very much in my mind and on my plate. Tricia's program has had a more lasting impact than any other workshop, seminar or event I've attended: I consider her guidance with literally every meal. No other workshop has so affected my daily life, three and four times a day.

Tricia was friend and counselor, wise teacher and excellent listener. Her approach is truly integrative: we did not simply talk food pyramid and calorie counts, we talked about primary food, how to maintain energy levels, addressed culinary challenges, and pondered what it really means to live a good and healthy life. She reminded me, gently but firmly, to take time to chew. Simple advice, but key to a monumental and positive paradigm shift.


Leigh Haugseth, age 32, Health Educator

I loved working with Tricia. She's a great listener, extremely easy to converse with and her trained acting voice is soothing and articulate over the phone. The small changes she suggested were really easy to make and my energy levels (especially after lunch) significantly improved by the end of our 6 months. I loved picking her brain about various topics she is knowledgeable in ranging from cool, unique foods to try to an astrology 101 lesson. I didn't realize how much progress I had made in 6 months until she pointed out my wins at our last session! She coached me with a well rounded approach that included my diet, lifestyle, career issues as well as anything else I felt like discussing. Tricia also helped me see my personality strengths and how I could use those in my dream to start my own business which I am now taking major action steps towards. Thanks so much Tricia!

D.C.A., age 29, Pet Care Professional & Music Snob

In 6 months, I gained a much better understanding of myself, my needs, and the path towards a total nutritionally healthy mind, body, and spirit. At the beginning, I was self admittedly, not a healthy person. Now I am very aware of what I put in my body, how I treat my body, and what overall effects decisions about those things will have on me. Tricia is just awesome. Incredibly easy to get along with. Positive, attentive. Totally listened to what I said I was interested in working on, and then added to that a ton of other invaluable information. Plus, every meeting had new goodies to talk about, then take home and use. Easily the best nutritionist I have ever met.

Anyone who is looking to change their path overall would benefit from this program. Adding primary and secondary concepts of holistic nutrition can completely change the way someone views bodily intake, in a way that can provide real positive connections and solutions that previous would have never occurred to someone. This is easily a worthwhile program for very concrete, literal minded people looking for dietary solutions, and for people looking to transcend those bounds and look for something more. It's just a positive experience for anyone.

Deidre King, MA, Lifestyle Fitness Coach and Writer

Choosing to work with you was one of the best decisions of my life. With your skillful guidance, I've learned how to manage my food allergies, and accomplish my lifelong goal of writing for a living. You're truly an inspiration, Tricia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kathleen Coons, Actress/Massage Therapist

I have gone from being Microwave Queen to cooking most of my meals — a miracle in my book. Grocery shopping is something I actually enjoy doing, especially now that I know how to shop sections other than frozen foods. I have a much clearer sense of how what I put in my body affects my energy levels and in working with Tricia I was able to get through four shows in a row without illness or exhaustion.

As a health counselor, Tricia is vastly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, grounded, open, nonjudgmental, compassionate, a great listener and TRULY meets you where you are. Her Holistic approach allows you to live your life while making slow and steady changes to help you become the person you'd like to be. Tricia has a real passion for what she does — her excitement about sharing new foods, books, herbs, recipes and lifestyle concepts is infectious.

I got back in touch with exercise, yoga and the power of spending time outside daily — all things that have greatly reduced my stress levels. I would recommend everyone I know to the program as it is so personally tailored — everyone can benefit from living a happier, healthier life. '

Eric Bourland

Tricia was my Sherpa guide on my personal Himalaya of health. With encouraging words, expert advice, and a warm spirit, Tricia worked with me to create a long-term plan for a healthy lifestyle. With her help I was able to make specific changes in my diet and daily routine that meliorated my seasonal allergies, improved my sleep, and improved the clarity of my skin. I will use her program for the rest of my life as the basis of a wise plan for healthy living.

Kathleen Akerley

When I started the program I considered myself someone with fairly healthy eating habits and thought that I was going to pinpoint some food intolerances. Instead I learned about some adjustments I could make that have given me more energy, better skin tone and a healthier digestive tract. One of the best things about the program is that I achieved those significant results without any sense of having had to radically alter my perspective or food preferences: Tricia incorporated my tastes and attitudes into her sound nutrition principles and helped all the steps of the plan feel very natural.

I don't feel like I had to change myself in order to benefit from this program – I feel like I simply gained the ability to pay better attention. I have found that the relaxed long view of food that I gained in the program applies in other areas of life as well.

I found Tricia to be empathetic and understanding, and, most importantly for me, clear without being pushy. She was there to Help rather than to Tell.

Amy F., age 33, Teacher

The decision to work with Tricia was one of the best decisions I've made. During the 6 month program, she provided incredible tools specifically geared towards my needs and personal goals. Tricia's style is empathetic and humorous, and working with her was thoroughly enjoyable. Since completing the program, I have lost 10 lbs. and had to have all my pants taken in!

Julie Yoder, Educator/Artist

I became aware of Tricia's consulting services during a time when I was under extreme stress at work and struggling to feel better while attempting to accomplish all of my job duties and carve out time for myself. Stress reduction and increasing my energy level were my biggest issues, and when I read Tricia's announcement about the launch of her business, I had an AH-HA! moment and contacted her almost immediately. I knew I had to make changes in my diet in order to feel better, and I had been thinking about finding a nutritionist, but traditional western medicine had always made me nervous and I was hesitant to get involved with a nutritionist from my HMO. Would she respect my (mostly) vegetarian ways? Would she acknowledge that my overeating cannot just be cured by willpower? Would I be told that all I had to do was control my stress? (As if I didn't already know that, and of course, easier said than done.) Would I be pushed towards medication as a quick fix? All of these concerns had come up in the past with various other health care practitioners.

Tricia's description and the language she used appealed to me because she promised a personalized approach, and she definitely delivered on her promise. One of the first problems we tackled was the issue of my 15 minute lunch at work. She had an innovative solution that I was able to put into practice immediately. Her thorough and caring approach made me look forward to our meetings together; after all, our discussions were not focused strictly on food, but on everything that was going on in my life and how it affected my eating. I already had a strong background of food awareness, but I quickly learned that there was so much more to know. One of the first results of the program is that I lost interest in eating out, and I don't miss it. I used to use eating in restaurants as a crutch when I was too tired to cook, but now I look forward to cooking rather than wasting my money on mediocre food that often makes me ill.

Throughout the course of my six month program I learned how to feel nourished through self care, which began with the food I put into my body. I learned how to make quick, nutritious meals that I could cook even after an exhausting day at work. I learned ways of sneaking nutrition into my diet. Perhaps the most important result, however, is that through working with Tricia I was inspired to make the leap of leaving my job, which was taking a huge toll on my health, and overcome my fear in order to start the transition into self employment. I am still in that transition, but now I can sleep when I'm tired, plan and cook all my meals with energy, and exercise regularly. I have noticed a marked difference in my health and strength. I am still working on regaining my health, but people I haven't seen in awhile repeatedly mention how much better I look. That, I think, is strong evidence that holistic nutrition can change your life!

Lynn Filusch, Actress

I eat more greens than ever, and am increasingly aware of how different foods affect my mood and energy levels. I am actively implementing ways to reduce my stress, to breathe, to understand various aspects of my life that need more care and attention, and appreciating my body and spirit by rewarding myself with healthful, good things. I've always loved tea, but now I choose my teas based upon the good effects they will have on my system/mood/etc. I also know which specific foods will give me a boost, and have identified new "comfort foods" that are better for me.

Tricia is a wonderful, patient, giving health counselor. She is an incredible listener, able to help each client formulate a plan to improve his/her overall health without pressure or demands. She creates a supportive environment which makes our goals seem attainable, and reasonable.

Working with Tricia was an investment in myself. While I feel that I still have a long way to go in terms of shifting from some old habits, with Tricia's guidance I feel that I can eventually live a life in which I nurture myself without judgment, make healthful food choices, and care for myself and others in ways that benefit me exponentially. I would recommend the program to everyone — not just friends who could improve how they eat, or their mental/physical/spiritual health. Anyone could benefit from the knowledge and wisdom Tricia shares through her program.

Brian McMonagle, age 39, Legal Secretary

I enthusiastically recommend this program. Tricia's wealth of knowledge and professional wherewithal have contributed practical tools and inspiration for this current season of life… I'm finding they play a fundamental role in the unfolding of a major personal transformation. Thank you, Tricia — the journey continues to challenge, surprise, and delight!

Liz Demery, age 35, Performer

I look and feel healthier. I can strongly affect my mood and well being with my diet. [Before my 6-month program] I felt tired quite often – and now I know how to combat that and usually fix my exhaustion with my diet.

I found Tricia to be a great listener, intuitive and very informative — she knew what she was talking about. I would recommend Tricia, and have, to anyone who knows they need to eat better but don't know where to start.

Jessica Hansen, Actress

Working with Tricia was more than learning about food, it's learning how to feed myself spiritually, emotional, and physically. I now know how to listen to my body and give myself what I need to stay strong and keep my energy even. Her quiet, encouraging voice supported me in so many ways, guiding me to be kinder to myself, mind and body. Months after graduating, I'm still learning from my six months with Tricia.

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