Raw Honey

May 2, 2007

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons\Tony Webster

I ought to own stock in Really Raw Honey.  It’s a Baltimore company (with offices in the same building as Pat Moran Casting, if that means anything to you.).  They make — shocker — raw honey.  I sold 2 clients on it yesterday and one the day before.  And yet I make no profit!!

Local honey is a great natural allergy remedy.  It’s works on the same principle as vaccines, and homeopathy.  Since local honey is made from the pollens of local flowers, eating a tablespoon per day helps innoculate you against those pesky allergy attacks.

Raw honey is unheated, unprocessed, and therefore retains more enzymes and benefits and good stuff.  This particular Baltimore brand of raw honey is solid, and has a layer of waxy propolis, bee pollen, and other stuff people pay lots of money for on top.  I’m not crazy about the waxy mixture, personally, but I adore the honey.  On the website they make many wonderful claimes — apparently it’s safe for diabetics.  I haven’t tried that out on my diabetic clients, though.

So– check it out if you’re Baltimore/DC local and need some help with allergy season.  www.reallyrawhoney.com.  Or google for a honey near you.