Web Search Fail

Oct 26, 2011

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons\Nevit Dilmen

I subscribe to a number of Google Alerts, which means that Google searches the web every day for certain terms and then reports the results to me.  This is handy, and allows me to keep up with breaking news and trends and stuff like that.

One of my searches is “stress managment” because I do a lot of work with my clients (and myself, let’s be honest) around this topic.

Today’s search result?

McDonald’s McRib Sandwich

Every now and then it is good to indulge in your favourite food and thanks to McDonalds until November we can eat McRib sandwich with that great sauce on it. Not everyone’s best meal but once in a while it is wise to lighten up and have a little of what you fancy especially if you are on a restricted regime just as long as you do not break any wellbeing rules for your self.

Well, so, on the up-side, this “Stress Management Tip & Worker Well-being Resource” is at least a proponent of giving oneself treats.  But McDonald’s??  I can’t get on that bandwagon.

And I was really hoping for an insightful workplace stress management tip.  Sigh.