Sugar Sugar, Honey Honey

Oct 20, 2016

photo credit: Shutterstock

Last week I had the privilege of heading over to my favorite law firm to give a lunchtime talk on Sugar & Cravings.

This law firm is one of my favorite places to give workshops; the ladies (and occasional gentleman) who come to share their lunchtime with me are generous, open, and hilarious.  We have a great time – so great that they’ve inspired me to actively seek more corporate wellness clients!

The first time I presented at this firm was 2006: TEN YEARS AGO!  Over the years, we’ve discussed heart health, eating healthy on the go, nutrition basics, immune health, and many more topics.  Somehow, we never got around to focusing on sugar… at our last workshop, there were SO many questions on sugar that I insisted we make it our next topic.  And so it was.

And it was intense!  The participants were deeply engaged, shared their struggles, and our hour-long lunch & learn turned into an hour and a half — that’s serious stuff for exceptionally busy law firm employees.  One participant is a diabetic struggling to get her sugar cravings under control; one participant uses hard candies she loved in childhood to manage her stress; one participant cannot go to bed at night if she hasn’t had her ice cream; everyone had very visceral reactions to the topic. We laughed about the fact that it took ten years to get this hot topic on the table.

We ended the session with commitments to action steps; everyone was in a very different place in their journey so these steps were widely varied.  It was, as always, a joy to be there and to offer new perspectives on how small changes make a difference.

So, the shameless plug: Bring me to your office.  Change your office culture to one that supports health and wellness.  One small step at a time.