May 1, 2007

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons\Perdita

So, I have an odd relationship with nutritional supplements.  There are two schools of thought regarding vitamins & supplements:  Hypothesis 1.  If you are eating a great diet and doing all the right things, you don’t need them; Hypothesis 2.  There’s no way your diet can ever be good enough what with pollution, denaturing of soil and long storage times resulting in less nutritious fruits and veg, and a childhood spent eating Little Debbies and candy corn.


I would love to be a believer in Hypothesis 1, and some days I am.  But I do suffer from crazy food allergies which, while much improved, are not cured.  So perhaps, per Hypothesis 2, I do need a bit of supplemental help.


Thus, I have become the Crazy Supplement Lady.


Here’s what I put in my smoothie this morning:

Fresh parsley leaves (green veg for breakfast, vitamin C, minerals)

Fresh chopped ginger (anti-inflammatory)



½ banana

Apple juice (I was out of orange juice)

Kelp powder

Spirulina powder


Folic acid


Cacao nibs

Mona Vie super-anti-oxidant-packed juice


There are SO MANY to choose from, and so many completely fascinate me.  My tried-and-true standard is Kelp powder: 2 months after I started taking it (August 2005), my hair stayed out of my face without clips or barrettes.  It had body! Then it had waves – now it is curly.  I am a devotee of kelp. I also love spirulina powder in my smoothies.  Spirulina is an algae, an ancient food, and the food from which fish get those omega-3s.


The rest?  I work on intuition.  So, this week, it’s Astragulus for my immune system, Folic acid because, while drinking wine lowers your risk of heart disease, it raises your risk of breast cancer – unless you get enough folic acid (I heard this from Walter Willett).  L-Glutamine to help clear up my Leaky Gut (source of food allergies).  Cacao nibs because they have all the good benefits of chocolate without sugar or processing, they’re tasty, and I am very excited to have found them locally at last!  And this Mona Vie supplement juice with 9 million vegetables in it.  One of my clients gave it to me, and despite my usual skepticism about Superhero Juice Supplements, I have fallen in love with it.  (And not just because it comes in wine bottles.)


What supplements make your heart go pitter-pat?