Walkin’ My Talk

Sep 26, 2011

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons\Nevit Dilmen

I’m doing an autumn detox.  Those of you who’ve worked with me or read about my detox style know that I like to do things gently – no harsh deprivations or starvations.  So I am going about this in a slow and steady manner.

Yesterday I took out coffee.  I was a little worried about going without my beloved bean juice, and that worry/ attachment is a big motivator for scheduling a cleanse – I don’t want to be an addict!!  Happily, I don’t have a headache.

But I. am. tired.

A friend suggested I have some tea, and so in the interest of easing gently into it, I rummaged around the house and came up with some pomegranate green tea (tasty!).  It didn’t help.  Finally I succumbed to a nap.  Was supposed to be 20 minutes.  Turned into 2 hours, in spite of lawn mower and barking dog next door.

The moral of the story?  Get. more. sleep.

I’ve been using coffee to prop me up – a false form of energy, when what I really need is to get a decent night’s sleep on a regular basis.  Ahhhhhh, back to basics!

Do you have any good lessons to share from coffee or other seductive foodstuffs?

And – are you interested in a cleanse or detox?  My e-book is coming soon…  xoxo