About Workplace Wellness

Improve the health of your team and create a vibrant, thriving office culture.  Workplace wellness programs are well-documented as success stories whose far-reaching benefits outweigh the initial investment.  More than a fitness center or a health fair, custom-tailored Workplace Wellness programs have long-term repercussions, including increased attendance, retention, and morale, and potentially reduced insurance premiums.

About the Program

Over the course of a year, transform your office culture!

This program is comprised of nine sessions offered monthly. Each session will be 1 hour in duration and can be scheduled during breakfast or lunch.  Sessions are tailored to both the group dynamic and the individuals present, creating a “big picture” learning curve and personalized action plans to maximize the value of each session.   Participants will receive handouts and giveaways (food samples, self-care tools, etc), and will be encouraged to set goals between sessions.

Choose the program options that are best for you and your office.  Weekly newsletters with recipes and self-care tips focusing on the monthly topic are available to keep motivation high.  Participants can also be given access to the Nutricia Consulting Client Portal for additional information and answers to specific questions that may come up between sessions.


Session 1: The Complete Plate.  What does it mean to be fed by your food?  Macronutrients and basic nutrition.

Session 2: Carbohydrates.  Myth vs Reality.  Grains, gluten, and vegetables.

Session 3: Protein & Constitution.  Tailor your meals to your unique needs.  Animals, vegetables, and traditional views of nutrition.

Session 4: Fats, Mindful Eating, & Digestion.  Why fat got a bad reputation, and how to get the most out of your food.

Session 5: Sugar & Cravings.  What does your body really want?  Conquer your cravings and find treats that truly feed you.

Session 6: Staying Healthy On the Go.  Survive your busy, busy life with planning and cooking techniques and tricks.

Session 7: Vitamins & Supplements.   Necessary? Helpful? Harmful? Learn what can help, what can hurt, and how to choose quality.

Session 8: Choose a Session (Immune Boosters, Buying and Growing Organic/Local, Culinary & Medicinal Herbs, or Detoxificiation/ Cleansing Diets)

Session 9: Stress Management & Self-Care.  Easy tools for home, office, and even car or metro!